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Leatherback Sea Turtle Facts

Baby Leatherback Sea Turtle
Baby Leatherback Sea Turtle

Introduction - Leatherback Sea Turtles

The Leatherback Sea Turtle, who is also called the Lute Turtle, is a reptile that is currently on the U.S. Federal Governments list of endangered animals. This animals habitat is the open ocean, where it lives and breeds. Unique features such as its constant state of activity and its ability to reach greater depths than most other marine animals when diving are what make this turtle so interesting. The facts listed below provide information on topics such as feeding, predators, and reproduction in addition to reasons why the Leatherback Sea Turtle is endangered. This information is written for both kids nd adults.

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Basic Leatherback Sea Turtle Facts

Leatherback Sea Turtle Predator Facts

Leatherback Sea Turtle Descriptive Facts