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Endangered Animals Facts

A Bengal Tiger growling
Bengal Tiger

Introduction - Endangered Animals

There are over three thousand endangered species in the world. These animals are at a risk of extinction and will disappear from the face of the earth if conservation efforts to protect them are not taken or are unsuccessful. In this section of Interesting Animal facts you will find information, facts, and statistics about endangered Animals. You will find information about what animals are in danger of extinction, where they live, how they became threatened, and what is being done to protect them.

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There have been many amazing animals that have already been driven to extinction they include the Bali Tiger, Atlas bear, Dodo, Elephant Bird, and the Javan Tiger. Other species such as the Northern White Rhinoceros, Hawaiian Crow, and Scimitar Oryx are extinct in the wild and can only be found in conservation areas and zoos. Species including the Leatherback Sea Turtle, Mountain Gorilla, Javan Rhino, Mediterranean Monk Seal, Sumatran Orangutan, and the Sumatran Rhinoceros are classified as critically endangered. Below you will find a list of general facts about endangered animals.

General Endangered Animals Facts

Classifications of Endangered Animals

The IUCN classifies endangered (and threatened) animals into the below categories.

Conclusion - Endangered Animals Facts

Please read the pages within this section of Interesting Animal Facts for specific information and facts about some of the worlds most endangered animals. We will be including pages on such well known animals as the Mountain Gorilla and pages on less known threatened animals such as the Leatherback Sea Turtle.