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Eastern Lowland Gorilla

Introduction - Strongest Animals

What are the strongest animals in the world? On this Strongest Animal Facts page of Interesting Animal Facts we explore this question and have a list of strong animals. Determining the world's strongest animals depends on your definition of strength and who you ask. Are you measuring strength pound for pound or are you measuring pure brute force regardless of the animal's size? Are you considering the whole animal kingdom including mammals and insects? Are you considering just land animals or also including marine animals? There is also the question of what is the definition of strength. Strength can be measured in different ways for example bite force or the ability to exert bodily power. In our list of the top 10 strongest animals we have included what we consider to be the most strongest animals on the earth taking into consideration all the questions above. They are not listed in any particular order. As with all the pages of this site this information is written for both adults and kids to read and enjoy.

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Strongest Animal Facts - The Top 10

  1. Blue Whale - By pure brute strength the Blue Whale is the strongest animal in the world. Its size is amazing and a flick of its tail can send a boat flying through the air.
  2. African Elephant - African Elephants are the strongest land mammals on the earth. With just their trunks they can lift objects that weigh up to 600 pounds (270 kilograms).
  3. Saltwater Crocodile - The saltwater crocodile's jaws can exert an amazing 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi) of bite force. This gives it the strongest bite force of any animal alive today; more than twelve times stronger than that of a great white shark.
  4. Eastern Lowland Gorillas - Eastern Lowland Gorillas are not only intelligent but possess incredible power. They have been seen pulling down huge tree trunks and lifting objects as heavy as 4,409 pounds (2,000 kg).
  5. Musk Ox - A Musk Ox has incredible pulling power. They can pull loads 1 1/2 times their own weight over rough ground.
  6. Tiger - Tigers are not only beautiful animals but are also extremely strong. They have been observed dragging huge animals they have killed high up into trees. They are stronger than lions.
  7. Leafcutter Ant - Leafcutter ants are one of the strongest animals pound for pound. In fact these strong creatures can carry objects that are up to fifty times their own body weight.
  8. Dung Beetle - Pound for pound the strongest animal on the planet. They can pull objects that are well over 1,000 times their own body weight.
  9. Rhinoceros Beetle - Rhinoceros Beetles can lift objects 850 times their own weight.
  10. Grizzly Bear - Grizzly Bears are extremely strong. They have been known to kill large animals like elk and moose with one blow of their powerful legs. However it is their bite that is most dangerous. Their bite is powerful enough to crush a bowling ball.

Strongest Animal Facts - Other Very Strong Animals

  1. Bald eagle - The strongest bird is the Bald Eagle. It can grasp something four times its own body weight and fly away with it.
  2. Anaconda - This huge South American snake can squeeze with a force of 6 kg of strength per square centimeter.