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Desert Animal Facts

Camel crossing desert
Camel Crossing Desert

Introduction - Desert Animal Facts

Extreme heat and small amounts of water make survival in the desert incredibly difficult. However many species of animals have adapted to and thrive in these harsh regions. In this section of Interesting Animal Facts you will find numerous desert animal facts. These facts will range from basic and scientific to amazing and weird. You will find information on what animals live in the desert biomes and how these animals survive. You will find list of animals from deserts all around the world including the Sahara, Mojave, Kalahari, Gobi, and Arabian deserts. The below information is written for kids and adults.

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Basic Desert Animal Facts

Conclusion Desert Animal Facts

We hope you found the above Facts about desert animals interesting. Please read the pages within this section for information and facts on specific desert animals. We will be adding pages on such animals as Camels, Desert Jackrabbits, Greater Roadrunners, Kangaroo Rats, and more.