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Dangerous Animal Facts

Tiger growling

Dangerous Animals Introduction

When you think of dangerous animals what comes to mind? Is it sharp claws, scary fangs, or powerful huge muscles? Many dangerous animals do have these characteristics however there are very dangerous animals, and actually the most dangerous, that do not have these deadly characteristics. In the list below we have named 10 very deadly animals, not necessarily the deadliest animals in the world but if not very close. In order to list the top 5, 10, or 20 animals in the world you would first have to define dangerous. This definition might include animals that kill the most people per year, or perhaps the most difficult to fight off or avoid would be considered.

In this section of Interesting Animal Facts (Dangerous Animal Facts) you will find pages of interesting information about some very lethal species. Below we have listed just a few. As with all the pages of this site both kids and adults should find this information easy and enjoyable to read.

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Dangerous Animals List