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Cape Buffalo Facts

Cape Buffalo on the African savanna
Cape Buffalo roaming the savanna

Introduction - Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo (also called African Buffalo) are notoriously dangerous animals. The fact that they are referred to as one of the "Big 5 Game" by hunters means that they have been ranked with African Elephants, Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, and Lions as the world's most dangerous animals to hunt. Why is the Cape Buffalo so dangerous? When they are wounded or under attack, they become extremely aggressive and anyone who is within charging range of them is in serious jeopardy. What also makes them so dangerous is the fact that they are known to form a huge herd and attack their victims together. When they are not under direct threat, they can be found relaxing in the African Savannah where they are often seen sparring with other buffalo and eating. The kid-friendly information below highlights some key facts and information about this interesting African animal.

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Cape Buffalo General Facts

Cape Buffalo Descriptive Facts