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Boreal Forest Animal Facts

Great Horned Owl in tree
Great Horned Owl
In this section of Interesting Animal Facts you will find pages of information about the amazing species that live in the boreal forest biome (also called the taiga). In the list below you will find some general facts about Boreal forest animals including how animals that live there survive where other animals would die. Below the facts you will find a list of 10 common boreal forest mammals followed by a list of 5 common boreal forest birds.

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What are Boreal Forests

Boreal forests regions are found just south of the Arctic Circle across northern regions of Alaska, Canada, Russia, and Scandinavia. These forests are vast areas covering approximately twelve million square kilometers (7,456,454 miles). The temperature in these forest range from warm in the summer to extremely cold in the winter when temperatures in the most northern regions can drop to as low as -68C (-90F). The winter season presents the main challenge to survival for the inhabitants of the boreal forest.

Facts about Boreal forest Animal Adaptations

List of a Few Boreal Forest Animals

List of a Few Boreal Forest Birds