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Narwhal in arctic water

Introduction - Narwhal Facts

The Narwhal (sometimes spelled incorrectly as Narwhale) is an arctic marine mammal belonging to the whale species. It is most often found in Canadian coastal waters and to a lesser extent in the sea off of Greenland, Russia and Norway. It is a cetacean, along with dolphins, whales and porpoises but what makes it unique is that it has an elongated ivory tusk extending from its jaw. Scientists who study Narwhals have found that, although extremely rare, it is possible for them to even grow a second tusk. When fully grown, these mammals reach a length and weight which is similar to that of an adult Beluga whale! Find out all about Narwhals in the list of facts below which are broken down into general, descriptive and interesting facts. This page is written for both kids and adults, where everyone will learn the answer the question "what is a Narwhal?".

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